Sunday, December 18, 2011

Double whammy - strep & sinus infection!

It's been too long since my last post and I'm sorry I've been silent here. I have a post in draft but haven't been able to take the time to finish it.  Thank you for the sweet reach-outs checking in on me - your care and concern mean so much to me.  So here's a quick update.

It's been a very busy autumn;  I've had lots of work projects, plus a fun new pink wig warrior project, for which I've been putting in lots of extra hours. I love the challenge and stimulation of these projects but I have not done a great job getting the rest and exercise I need to keep my immune system strong.

Cooper has been sick a couple of times and each time he's passed it on to me so I've been sick a couple of times all in the last few months.  This current bout has been brutal.  I've been in agonizing pain since Thursday night with a screaming sore throat, pounding head, aches and pains from head to foot, and a fever that just wouldn't quit.  Friday morning at urgent care the doc said it was a virus but didn't test me for strep.  Told me to go home and rest and keep up with the over the counter fever reducing pain meds.

I've been alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen around the clock, neither even touching the pain, so last night I broke out the "big guns" and dipped into the left over Percocet from my big surgery over the summer and THAT didn't even help!  I've been in bed since Thursday night, only getting up to use the bathroom, grab some tea or a snack, or say good night to Cooper, or head to urgent care.

This morning I went back to urgent care since I wasn't getting better and couldn't find relief from the throat pain.  The doc took a look at my throat and ears and said I have strep AND a sinus infection - didn't even need to test me.  He called in a high dose antibiotic and a cough syrup with codeine.  I hope these work quickly to get me feeling better because Bob has to go back to work soon and then I'll be juggling Cooper, the animals, and work all on my own again.   He's been so wonderful - taking care of me and Cooper all week and weekend. I'm so blessed and lucky to have such a caring husband. Thank you, Bobby! xoxo

I sure hope and pray that I am feeling a lot better tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week. There's much left to do to finish up work commitments and prepare for Christmas next weekend.  Our new treadmill (which Bob and I gave each other for Christmas) will arrive later this week and when it does I'll be incorporating daily exercise into my routine to get me back on track with diet and exercise efforts. Exercise is so important for reducing one's risk of recurrence and also for the immune system overall.  Besides, my clothes don't fit! LOL I need to lose about 12 lbs before my next reconstructive surgery mid-March. More about that later.

Dear Lord, my healer, my redeemer, please heal my body quickly and effectively so that I may resume plans to celebrate and serve You.  Please allow the medicine to quickly eliminate the infections and bring relief from the pain so that I may tend to my boy and my work with energy and joy.  Thank you, Lord, for sending me such a caring and attentive husband and for giving him the patience and will to take such wonderful care of me and our son while I have been ill. I'm so grateful for your mercy and love. In Jesus' name, Amen.