Sunday, May 26, 2013

When I thought it wouldn't happen to me

On this date, four years ago, I spent my last day not knowing I would have cancer. I praise God every day for another day. Knowing not everyone has the blessing of another day with their loved ones, I try to not take it for granted.  

I look back on photographs of myself "pre-BC" (before breast cancer) and I almost always think about how I had it and didn't know it or how nice it was thinking it wouldn't happen to me and how I lived care free in terms of what I ate and did, not knowing I could have been upping my chances of it actually happening to me.  

I know better now. 

I praise God for pointing out the cancer before it was too late, and for the new knowledge that has helped me become healthy and make better choices for me and my family.

May 26, 2009 was the last day I spent thinking it wouldn't happen to me. I pray you'll never have to say something like that.


Ecclesiastes 1:18

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Farewell For Now - In Memory of Taira Johnson Baughman

My sweet friend, Taira Baughman, has gone home to the Lord this morning.  She fought triple negative breast cancer long and hard (since 2010), and is survived by her amazing husband, Rob, and their beautiful children: Jaclyn (19), Breanna (16), Joshua (13), 
and Braydon (5). 

In February, Taira was gifted a surprise trip to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of going to the Ellen show. It was an honor to be a part of it.  During her visit we did many fun things together, including a photo shoot at Venice Beach, thanks to Brooke Ritter for volunteering her time and talent.  Here's a video Taira created to share her fun trip memories. Our friend, Patti, made this trip possible and invited me to participate. 
Memories I'll cherish forever.

I miss you already, friend. xoxo May you rest in peace in the loving arms of our savior, Jesus. 

You can help the Baughman family with your prayers to help them through this difficult loss, and by contributing to pay off the mountain of medical bills that remain. You can donate online, or at any Suntrust in person or by mail:  

Taira Baughman’s Benefit Account
Sun Trust Bank
15375 Lebanon Road
Old Hickory, TN. 37138

Please visit Taira's blog for other ways you may help the Baughman family.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the Baughmans. Please pass this along to others who may be able to help the Baughman family.