Friday, August 30, 2013

Putting first things first - it's never too late!

Too often, we wait until a major life event occurs before realizing we've had our priorities all wrong.  Maybe it's a financial meltdown that forces you to decide what expenditures are too important versus which you can live without.  Perhaps it's the end of a significant relationship for which you put aside your own hopes and dreams and suddenly you have a clean slate to decide where you'll live or how you'll spend your time.  Or, like me, it may take a near-fatal disease as the ultimate reminder that time is the most precious commodity, and it's not without limits.

I hope it doesn't take any of these kinds of events to prompt you to reflect on where your time, energy and money goes and to decide if you're putting first things first. If it has (or does), don't panic - it's never too late to change course, if change is what you're after. Just realize change requires a decision and follow through. After all, bridges don't just appear over rivers; they're built using a blueprint (remember those!?) with input from experts, and the sweat and commitment of laborers before that ribbon cutting ceremony can happen.

Who, and what, is most important to you? What do you want to be remembered for? 
Do your choices reflect it? If not, what's in your way? 

I'm considering all of these questions and more. I know that taking an inventory of where my precious resources go and comparing that to what I believe my values and priorities are will be a sobering exercise. Until I do that, I won't be in a position to identify and cease opportunities to take steps to truly putting first things first. I've waited long enough.