Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I met Bernie Siegel!

This past Saturday, my mom and I went to Sturbridge, MA to participate in a workshop conducted by Bernie Siegel, MD. Bernie is a well known surgeon and author who works with cancer patients on the mind body connection. When I was first diagnosed I knew I needed to approach the situation holistically. I also knew, from helping loved ones with cancer, that Bernie's teachings could help me so I dove into his Love, Medicine & Miracles book to refresh my understanding of his philosophy. It helped me get into the mindset and. E the exceptional patient' - serving as my own advocate while seeking and receiving treatment from various physicians and healthcare providers. His message helped me stand up to the unprofessional staff at a local hospital when I went to have my port surgery (and walked out when treated badly). He helped me understand the power of intention, meditation, and imagery on the healing process.

When I was looking at Bernie's website one day and discovered he would be speaking not far from my folks' house during my visit I immediately bought tickets. I figured it be a huge gathering and there would be little chance of meeting him. I was wrong.

As mom and I approached the doors of the workshop room she spotted Bernie having lunch at his book signing booth where his son was working on book sales. The signing had not begun and nobody else was standing there so we approached so that I could thank him for helping me through this challenging time. He rose to his feet, walked around to my side of the table and gave me a great big hug. I purchased a few more books so that he could sign them for me and we chatted briefly before heading in for the workshop. We learned that Bernie's son runs a store in my mom's town and Bernie conducts a support group there monthly! It was amazing to meet them and now that I know about the group in Simsbury I will plan my next visit to allow me to participate and learn even more from Bernie.

For the workshop Mom and I found seats right up front. Bernie asked me, before he began, what I'd like to hear/learn about and I told him I needed help quieting/turning off the scary thoughts that creep into my mind and replace them with healthier, more positive thoughts. So he used that as an underlying theme and referenced it several times.

I know God put Bernie in Sturbridge when I would be nearby...and cleared the crowd so that I could meet him and get a much needed embrace from this inspirational man that day. I thank Him for this miracle and so many others.

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  1. WOW! what a wonderful thing to happen Julie. That is so amazing that he was speaking while you were there and that you got to talk to him personally and he used your thoughts as a theme for his talk!

  2. Hallelujah, sister!! That is awesome.

  3. Julie - this is so exciting. Believe it's God's hand too. Yea!

  4. You have certainly been Blessed, to get an in-person hug from Bernie. He is a Gift from God to all of us.

    I've been a Bernie fan since 1989 and I know his books and tapes have been very helpful to me, on this journey we call life.


  5. That is so wonderful! What a gift! Thinking about you and how much you rock!- Gina

  6. Julie, We have a mutual friend at Mary Washington Hospital in Virginia. Like you, I was diagnosed with TNBC. No family history. I just completed my chemo and I start radiation next week. I saw you are familiar with the "Crazy Sexy" books and I think they are such a great uplifting read in a world where much of the information we get is filled with doom and gloom. It is so vital to have people around you that are going through what you are and I want you to know I am here if you need another addition to your support system! We WILL beat this! Contact info: Stay strong and focused......