Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My new favorite word: BENIGN

My surgeon called this evening with the biopsy results: "Julie, I have very good news - it is scar tissue."  That's when I fell to my knees and sobbed tears of joy and praised God aloud over and over. Doc heard me crying and must have thought I misunderstood her as she reiterated that it was good news haha and I told her I was so happy I was crying out of sheer joy. 

With that news out of the way she reminded me that we still need to take it out so it's not left there to turn into something else which apparently can and does happen.  Surgery is still on for Friday morning. Fine by me.

Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes, making me feel so loved and cared for no matter what the outcome was going to be. God is so good, blessing me with such amazing friends and family.  I'm incredibly grateful.

Remission continues! =) Praise God!  What a relief that the remission clock doesn't need to be reset. 

Like my three year old son, Cooper, has taken to saying lately "that was a close one!"  and "ay ya ya ya ya!" ;)  When he saw me crying while laughing tonight he said "Mommy, you're funny, I love you."  I love you too, Cooper - more than you could ever know!

Dear Lord, my creator and ultimate healer, I praise and thank you for the countless "second chances" you bless me with. My gratitude is immeasurable and my love for you infallible. You brought me back from the brink not just once, but many times and you work through me in ways I never imagined possible. Lord, I ask you to wrap my warrior sisters in your healing light and love - take away their pain and fear and instill a sense of peace and confidence that Your will shall reign for the greater good and that You will provide comfort and healing of all that ails and troubles them.  Lord, I ask you to bring forward the cure for the wretched disease of cancer that plagues us. Show us the way to eliminate the toxins and dangers brought about by greed, selfishness and other evils that Satan thrusts upon us with the false promise of empty "wealth" and "convenience".  Lord, use us survivors to spread your good news and to help our sisters through this difficult trial in their life and show them how they're loved and valued the way I have been loved and valued through my journey. Help us to keep paying it forward, Lord, delivering hope, laughter, and faith in Your name.  In your son, Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. What wonderful news. Praise God! I will be thinking of you and praying for you as undergo this newest surgery.

  2. Hi Julie - I like you're blog. My name is Yvette Guigneaux and I'm the editor of a publication called SCV Parent Times Magazine, published thru the Signal Newspaper in Santa Clarita. I thought your blog "Operation Kick Cancer's Ass" would make a sweet piece for our December issue, providing you would be interested in doing the interview. Are you interested? Please contact me asap - 661.287.5512 direct line or via email yguigneaux@the-signal.com.

  3. Great news - thanks for posting! Still thinking about how you are doing. Yay yay yay!