Friday, February 22, 2013

The Gift of Quiet

When I was in chemo, my most common challenges were fatigue and heightened sensitivity to noise. My son was a year old and my spouse was away frequently as a normal part of his job and there were many many days that I didn't know how I would possibly keep my eyes open and fulfill all my basic responsibilities as a mom - even with a sitter during the weekdays, the evenings and weekends were quite a challenge.

It was hugely helpful when friends and neighbors stopped by to take my son for a walk or a few hours of play time at their house so I could rest in silence.

If you can give the gift of quiet time to a friend or family member in cancer treatment, it will be so appreciated and never forgotten. Don't just up with a plan and follow through. Thank you to all my amazing friends who gave me the gift of quiet rest time! Xoxo

Love and blessings,

Luke 6:38

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