Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cycle 2, days 2-3: good so far

Day 2 is usually a breeze since the prerequisite anti-nausea meds and steroids keep me feeling good and that was true this cycle. Had the Neulasta shot and proactively added Aleve to minimize the related bone pain I felt big time on day 3 of cycle one..only took one this time (2 last time) and so far its working well and here on day 3 (when things start getting hard) I'm not in any pain. I think probiotics are helping avoid the tummy stuff too (it's early to say for sure but good so far) yay!

While getting the shot yesterday the nurse saw the flushing on my face and neck from the steroids and spoke with the doc who approved cutting the dose in half :). I as even able to fall asleep last night but didn't stay asleep because Cooper is sick and was up all night with fever and sore throat. He was seen by his doc yesterday and she has us using baby motrin and tylenol rotated to get his temp down so we did that all night and didn't get much sleep. I have to wear a mask while I hold him until we get his strep throat test results back which hopefully will come in today.

Thanks for all the notes and blog comments and FB comments - keep em coming because they help keep my spirits up :).

Blessed and grateful,

PS - my friend Katie's dad, Pat, is going through chemo and radiation simultaneously and that's some rough stuff and he is experiencing a tougher time and could use our prayers for an easier go of it. Please add Pat tp your prayers and positive thoughts in the coming days and weeks ahead. Thank you!

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  1. Julie, hopefully you won't experience any pain from Neulasta going forward. I was only bothered by it the first time I received the injection. After that it was a non-event.

    Hope Cooper gets well very soon and you can get rest when he rests, even if it's during the day.

    Pat will be in my prayers as well. Cancer sure does suck - Gail Ford

  2. Hoping that Cooper is quickly on the upswing and his fever comes down, Julie. Praying for this and that you continue to deal well with round #2. Though it must be so difficult, try to get some quality rest whenever you can. This is in my prayers as well, that you, Cooper, and everyone else to get some good rest.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that round #2 of the bitch-kicking is going so well, Julie! :) I love your positive visualizations. I know for a fact they really can work, so keep it up!

    You & Pat will be in my prayers. Keep up the good fight!


    Carrie & Drake from iV

  4. PS: Get well soon, Cooper!

    Carrie & Drake

  5. I'm so sorry that coop is sick! arent the docs afraid of you getting an infection with your compromised immune system? You've got to get some rest. a special prayer for you tonight.
    I dont know how you do it- having cancer is tough enough without having an infant to deal with. God helps us find the strength tho, doesnt he?