Sunday, January 9, 2011

First "real" post-treatment haircut

On Thursday I had my first real (all-over) post-treatment haircut.  This one was "real" because back in October I stopped into a mall salon and had the back trimmed when I woke up and realized I had a 'mullet' (gasp) but didn't have any other sections touched until this past week.

Although my hair has grown pretty quickly this past year, it still feels S-L-O-W since I was starting from scratch (bald). So it was with mixed emotion as I watched about an inch and a half of hair chopped off. I was excited to say goodbye to the chemo-fried hair that plagued the ends of my hair but a bit unnerved to see so much growth fall to the floor.  It's a transition. It's a transition. It's a transition.

I had my friend, and sister in Christ, Kristin, cut it for me. It was my first time getting it cut post-treatment and my first time having Kristin cut my hair and I'm so happy I made that decision because talking to her throughout the cut brought me calm and peace and because she's very talented and did a great job shaping my hair and working around the new cowlick that has appeared at the top front of my head. ;)

Thank you, Kristin, for the great haircut and friendship.Our friendship is new but you inspire me to be a better person and Christian.

Thank you, Lord, for getting me through this and so many other challenges along this journey. I'm so blessed and honored to be entrusted with the powerful responsibility of spreading your good news and using my experience to learn, grow and help others whenever possible.

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