Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cleared for take-off (exercise), ready-set-go!

I was finally cleared to resume normal activity and exercise since the big surgery. That was a couple weeks ago though and I have yet to break a sweat from anything other than cleaning the house. Yikes.  What in the world am I waiting for - studies show that regular exercise - elevating the heart rate for 30+ minutes 5 times per week - is the most important thing a cancer survivor can do to reduce the chances of a recurrence.

I've remained committed to eating healthy, consuming immune-boosting foods and supplements daily, but I've been remiss in ensuring I get enough sleep and exercise each day.  That needs to get fixed now.

Starting tonight, I need to commit to getting to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and start each day with a sweat-breaking power walk with my little man.

Dear Lord, please help me to submit to your will and honor the body you have given me and have miraculously healed from the brink. Please grant me the wisdom to focus more productively during the day and early evening to get what needs to be done early enough, to help me avoid the temptation of Facebook and other sources of entertainment that keep me from achieving my important goals. Thank you, Lord for the countless blessings and miracles in my life - for giving me another day - for bringing me this far. Amen.


  1. Hope your walking is going well! Once you get the routine going it'll be easy peasy. I'm on my way to the hospital right now to have my rock (tissue expander) exchanged for a nice implant. Have a blessed day!

  2. Moni, I hope your swap went well and you're feeling good! I felt instantly better when those rocks came out! xoxo