Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why the Susan G. Komen foundation has lost my support

I encourage everyone to read and pass on the following open letter to the Susan G. Komen foundation, by Alicia C. Staley, a breast cancer survivor.

Open Letter to Susan G. Komen leadership, by Alicia C. Staley

I have turned my fund raising support to the following organizations who do a better job of actually supporting patients, caregivers and loved ones who face the devastation of a cancer diagnosis, and focusing on funding innovation for treatment and pathways toward an actual cure without harming others who share their mission: 

Stand Up To Cancer
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation
American Cancer Society
EIF (Entertainment Industry Foundation) Revlon Run/Walk For Women

I appreciate and respect the founding principals of the Komen organization but they have gone off track and are now harming the cause, in my opinion.  I think Alicia did an excellent job explaining how and why.

Love and blessings,

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  1. Wow Julie. This is really interesting. I do feel like have become a business rather than a charitable organization. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are doing well!