Saturday, May 28, 2011

2 years!!! Praise God!!!

Today marks 2 years since I heard those awful words "It's breast cancer." from my doctor.  I am filled with immense gratitude and praise for God for allowing me to be here still with my family and friends. Triple negative breast cancer is a nasty beast with a nasty habit of sticking around so it is a huge relief that I've made it this far. I'm not "out of the woods" yet but I'm grateful for every day, every hour, every minute that God gives me with my son. Two years is a big deal and I'm not letting this day pass without acknowledging how huge it is.  

Thank you, Lord, for your mercy, for your grace, for healing me and giving me another chance to glorify you and spread your good news. Only you know how far I've really come and how much further I need to go. I put my full trust and life in your hands and know you will use me as I should be used. Thank you for bringing me to you, Lord, for I was lost and now I am found. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post with us, Julie, and congratulations on hitting the two-year mark! It’s great that you maintain such a positive outlook and encourage others to do the same as they struggle through their own breast cancer journeys. The CSC (Cancer Support Community) strives to improve the breast cancer experience for women across the country, and we are working to understand more about their emotional and social needs. Please consider joining us by sharing your experiences—

    Best Wishes,