Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chemo cycle 6a: Finally got it!

After a 2-week delay due to low WBC and platelet counts, I finally got the infusion for cycle 6a today. Technically I was supposed to get cycle dose 5b but since 5a hit me so hard, Dr.B decided the 5b "boost" of Gemzar was not necessary and that we'd need to lower my subsequent doses so that they don't slam my counts so much so that we can resume the planned 2-dose cycles. This will also entail a switch from Neulasta to Neupogen for stimulating WBC production in the bone marrow. Unfortunately, that means going in for daily injections instead of getting one per cycle. That's OK though - the office is just 2-3 miles from my house and I can go in for when they open so it won't interfere with my day. What I do worry about though is the side effects of getting it daily - primarily bone pain. The remedy would be over the counter pain meds, but the problem there is that most of those interfere with platelet production so I'm hoping and praying the bone pain will either not be bad or will only occur the first dose or two and then not bother me like what happened with the Neulasta. If it becomes an ongoing issue, I'll be worried about my platelet count getting a double whammy from chemo and pain meds since there is no medication/injection to stimulate platelet production and the remedy for a dangerously low platelet count is transfusions. ick. Well, I give it over to God and let Him control what is meant to happen. So far, on day 1, I feel pretty good. Only a tiny touch of stomach upset but not enough to interfere with much. I do have a headache that's bugging me but I'm not taking anything for it just yet - waiting til tomorrow and if it's still there I'll take Aleve and that will address the headache and serve as a preventive for the possible bone pain effects of the Neupogen. Other than that, I'm good so far. Of course, the anticipated bad days are generally days 3-7, but the last cycle it started hitting me the first night and got progressively worse for 2-3 days, then day 4 things started to improve and day 5 I felt a lot better. So, we'll just see how it goes this time with the reduced dose. I wore a super fun hat that was made specially for me by a very dear friend of my family's, Mary Lee. Everywhere I turned - at the doc's office, the pharmacy, the market - people commented on how much they loved my hat and wanted to know where I got it. Mary Lee, you are super talented! Thanks so much for the fantastic hats - I'm loving them! The hat is shown in the picture above :) Time to get some sleep. Bob is on Cooper duty tonight since he doesn't work tomorrow but I do. I think I'll take the couch downstairs along with earplugs to try to not wake up when Cooper does cry - because I can still hear it when I'm in bed upstairs and have the earplugs in. ;/ Wishing you and yours a wonderful evening, and an abundance of blessings always. Love, Julie

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  1. Hi Julie - I found you on Ann's page. I just wanted to wish another Triple Negative Ass Kicker the best of luck. Like you, my thoughts from the beginning were "annihilate the enemy within". That's my old soldier coming out in me. Just curious, what were you Staged at? I was a Stage 1, Grade 3 (TripNeg) - and opted for the bilateral as well. I'm so glad you did also. I would like to follow your blog.

    Arla (fellow T/N Warrior)