Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prayers for platelets...and other cells ;)

Monday morning I go to the oncologist for blood work and to meet with the oncologist. They want me to come in a day prior to my scheduled chemo appointment to check my numbers since they were so low last week. Last week my platelets were 26 (if they get to 20 or below, or if I start bleeding while they're as low as they are now I'll end up needing a transfusion) - they need to be over 100 to get chemo. My WBC count was 2.3 (up from 1.4 the week prior) - they need to remain above 2.0 to get chemo. My RBC count was 9.8 (below 10 is anemic) - if they're still below 10 tomorrow I'll be getting some expensive shot in the arse (I'm ok with that). I'm praying for platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells - for the numbers to be above the required amount to resume treatment. I'm also praying that I can continue to remain otherwise healthy, avoid the dreaded swine flu, and avoid any injury that might cause me to bleed since I don't have the necessary platelets for clotting. We're going through Purell hand sanitizer like water around here. I carry it everywhere I go and use it countless times per day if I'm out of the house to help avoid catching anything that could make me sick while my WBC count is still so low. My hands are getting dry and chapped so I have to also carry lotion to keep moisturized to avoid natural cuts/scratches. I'm feeling pretty good. Just tired. I have had a mild headache and all over body aches and pains (muscular) this week, which apparently is normal for this stage of chemo, and I can't take any pain relievers since they affect platelets, so I just try to not think about it and when I'm sitting still I massage my arms and legs and do some gentle stretching for a bit of relief. Bob was home for part of the weekend and helped me get some sleep by taking over Cooper duty at night and letting me sleep in Saturday morning (thank you, Bob!!!). He had to fly out Sunday morning though :( and Cooper was so upset when he saw Dad come down the stairs in his uniform. But once I managed to distract him we proceeded to have a productive day of running errands. I am really missing church while my counts are down...another reason I need them to come up quickly - I can't wait to go back. Today, Cooper decided not to nap until he finally passed out at 5pm ;/ and slept til 7:30pm. Now it's nearly 9pm and he wants to play play it's going to be an interesting night haha. Well...I'd like to go forward with chemo cycle #6 this week if my blood work meets the requirements - that's what I'm praying and hoping for, as crazy as that makes me. Blood work on Monday, and hopefully chemo on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers. I'm so grateful for, and touched by, your love and support. Love, Julie


  1. I was just thinking of you. Praying that everything looks A-OK tomorrow and you can proceed with treatment and avoid all the icky flu that's going around. I know what you mean about the hand sanitizer - tis the season! I highly recommend a lotion stick ( sells one that is USDA organic and amazing). It goes on thick since it's a solid stick so it really helps prevent chapping, and it's not greasy. I will keep you in my thoughts that you get through these next few days well-rested (Cooper as well) and with healthy counts.

  2. praying for you girl and will anxiously await the news!!!!

  3. Praying! What about bath and body works lotion hand sanitizer? I used that a ton when Bax was smaller :)