Friday, October 23, 2009

Warrior breakfast

Packed with protein...and totally organic...

3 egg (2 whole, 1 whites) kale and ff cheese omelet, shake (ff milk, ff plain yogurt, flax seed, glutamine powder, strawberry whey protein powder, and strawberries), and toast with strawberry jam which I share with Hunter (dog).

During treatment I need 88g protein daily...this meal satisfies half of that since I struggle to fit protein in later in the day. This also satisfies a fruit and veggie serving (kale and strawberry - kale for bc recurrence prevention), while giving me my daily flax seed for recurrence prevention, one of my 3 servings of glutamine to prevent progression of peripheral neuropathy (chemo side effect), and my max allowable dairy serving with probiotic digestive support (for chemo side effects).

And, yes, its yummy!

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  1. Julie please check out for ways in which you can increase your platelets..there is an herb called Ceanothus that is known to increase platelets. Also check out the additional link below regarding information for lymph health..I am telling you I think its something to look into :) I hope this helps!!

  2. Notes about Ceanothus*:
    Ceanothus is used to increase platelet count while undergoing chemotherapy. (13)

  3. That warrior breakfast looks rather yummy to me, too--and it is complete with strawberry jam to top it all off! :) I'm praying specifically for your counts to back up as you requested in an earlier post, Julie. It must be very frustrating to have to delay things and not to get out much, but keep the faith as you have been; there is a reason for everything in God's own time line. Hey, do you know how much money was raised from the #beatcancer? You must have been one of the best advocates and contributors there was; you were all over that challenge! You go, girl!

  4. You seem to be quite the gourmet chef these days! Food looks great.

  5. It looks delicious - a breakfast packed full of good stuff! I love flax seed in my fruit smoothies (or just as a snack).