Monday, October 26, 2009

Go platelets! Go platelets!

So I went to the cancer center this morning, prepared for disappointment. I had read online that although platelets can jump back quickly they probably don't go back over the 100 needed for chemo as quick as one week when you're as low as I was (26). WRONG! My platelets were 115 this morning! The prayers worked! Thank you!! What a huge relief that is - I was afraid not just to leave the house for fear of what could happen if I got into an accident or whatever, but I was afraid IN the house because I'm a bit of a clutz haha. While preparing dinner last night I was so nervous using a knife for fear of cutting myself while having such a low platelet count. But now I feel safe again haha. My WBC is lagging just a teensy tiny bit at 1.9 (was 2.3 last week, 1.4 the week prior). It generally needs to be over 2.0 to proceed with chemo. However, there's another number or two that they factor in and thanks to those other numbers, my 1.9 is good enough to move forward :). I forgot to ask what my iron level was but I'll find out tomorrow when I go back in for chemo. YUP, you heard that right - I'm getting back in for the God given liquid gold cure juice tomorrow! Woohoo!!! They're going to check my #s again in the morning for good measure but as of now, it's a go! :) I am thanking God, and I thank you all for your prayers! And, I'm drinking a lovely carrot/apple/pineapple juice mix today to help boost that WBC up a bit too ;). I'll post again tomorrow with more info on the game plan to help prevent and/or manage my counts proactively this next round (#6).


  1. Glad to hear chemo is back on track - you do have to be careful when those counts get low! Take care... Beth

  2. Its just interesting to hear some one cheer that they GET to get their chemo! It speaks volumes to the positive approach that you have taken to kicking cancer's A$$!!!! Hugs from Lauren and I!

  3. Yes! I'm happy to hear "happy" in your voice (well, in your writing voice, anyway :))! Praise God!

  4. That's what we want to hear my friend!!!!!
    Hope you slept......I keep saying I am going to bed and you and I keep FB'ing! TO BED TO BED.....sleep well.