Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chemo cycle 7, part a, is scheduled for today

If my counts are good when I arrive this morning, I'll be getting chemo cycle 7, part a, today. It's hard to believe that this is the second to last chemo cycle. I've been so blessed and grateful that it's been so smooth and has flown by rather quickly. I hope and pray the remaining two cycles will go smoothly too.

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  1. Did you have your treatment today? I was just reading your some of your blog posts...what an ordeal you have been through! I haven't read back so far as to see whether or not you had mastectomies/lumpectomies but let me just tell you that I was diagnosed in Feb this year, had a bilateral mastectomy in April and just had my tissue expanders replaced with my sleek silicone ladies...I had chemo over the summer and it totally sucked (and I didn't have to take all of those freakin supplemements to boost my immune system like you did!) but that part is now over. It seems like a nightmare (and you're having those while you try and sleep, too) but I am glad that part is over (though I'm still taking Herceptin - IV and Tamoxifen - orally)... You seem like a strong woman so stay strong and fight the good fight!