Friday, November 27, 2009

Ever so thankful!

Every day is thanksgiving for me now. I give thanks every night, to God, for the countless blessings He has bestowed upon me and my little family. I am blessed with the most wonderful husband who adores and cares for me and our son - I love him so very much. We have the most amazing little boy who fills our lives with joy and wonder - even when he keeps me up at night, he fills me with hope about the future. We have incredibly generous and caring family and friends who love and support us. I have an amazing employer that provides outstanding benefits, flexibility, and the most compassionate colleagues and management team who genuinely care about me and help me focus on getting well. I have an amazing team of brilliant doctors and nurses at UCLA who treat me with respect and compassion, answer my questions, laugh at my jokes, and reassure me when I'm feeling scared and uncertain. We are so fortunate and grateful for our wonderful home which is located in the most amazing neighborhood filled with fantastic neighbor friends whom we love and appreciate so very much. The list goes on and on...I am thankful for so very much, each and every day. Life is precious and I appreciate every second of it. We spent our Thanksgiving Day with my wonderful in-laws in Orange County. It was a gorgeous day here in southern CA - in the mid-80's! We drove down to my sister-in-law's house where we had a FANTASTIC organic Thanksgiving feast with Dottie (my sister-in-law), Bob (my brother-in-law), Kim (my niece), and Grace (my mother-in-law). We even brought Hunter along (our golden retriever) to play with their dog who is also named Hunter :). It was so wonderful spending the afternoon with them, getting caught up, eating a fabulous meal (Dottie - it was so yummy!!), and watching Cooper run around like the energizer bunny exploring everything in sight. He loved running around their back yard and playing with the dogs. He especially loved it when Kim took out her acoustic guitar after dinner and let him play with it. Thank you so much, Dottie, Bob, Kim, and Grace, for making our Thanksgiving extra special this year! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day and were able to reflect upon and appreciate the many blessings in each of your lives, this day and every day. Love, Julie


  1. Julie, you're an inspiration to all. Glad you had a lovely Holiday, although I'm a bit jealous of the weather (ha ha - 40 degrees here).

  2. Dear Julie,
    I love reading your blog and I thank you for giving me the inspiration to follow in your footsteps.( my own blog has given me another outlet to vent my thoughts and also hear from people I love) I am so happy for you re your chemo protocol and how well you are handeling it. I was just the opposite(not positive like you) as every time I completed a chemo session I ended up in hospital. Keep fighting the "good fight" and may God bless YOU for giving him the credit for your good responces to treatment.