Monday, November 30, 2009

Ut oh....possible infection ;/

The past few days I've noticed my ears feeling pressurized. Not painful or sore at all, just strange. The past 36+ hours I've been hearing waves crashing in my head, like waves at the beach, minus the beautiful scenery haha. Again, no pain or soreness at all. Yesterday, whenever I stood up quickly from a seated position my head felt funny - like a quick headache blast that would last for just a few seconds then things would seem normal again (or normal with some beach waves swishing around LOL). This morning when I went in to get my Neupogen shot from the nurse I mentioned the orchestra of ocean waves I've been hearing and next thing I know I am being shuffled into an examination room to see the doctor. Doc looked in my right ear and said "hmmm this one is severely packed with wax"...and then he switched to the left said and said "'s red...could be infected." He started to write a prescription for antibiotics but then stopped and said he wants me to see an ENT today to have them look at it to confirm infection because if it isn't he doesn't want me on antibiotics, and to have the right ear cleaned out. He said I need to be seen today so we can catch this early before it becomes dangerous (infection during chemo = not good) and that if I can't be seen today we'd resort to antibiotics. I have an appointment with the ENT at 1 pm. Fingers crossed and prayers being said that this ear thing is no big deal. I trust all will be OK but the word "infection" is a bit scary when you're on chemo.

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