Friday, November 27, 2009

Cycle 7, part B, complete! 7 down, 1 to go!

This past Tuesday I received chemo cycle #7, part b. Thankfully, my WBC and platelet numbers were good...but I'm now I was able to finish the cycle and am thrilled (and yet also terrified) to say that I have just one more chemo cycle to go! Wow! I'm excited to be nearing the end of this chapter knowing that I'm closer to being done with treatment, but terrified of being without the chemo which I view as a critical source of protection. I won't miss the daily shots in the patootie (neupogen) haha. It'll be great to get my hair back but I've said it before and will say it again - hair and other cosmetic side effects to all this craziness means nothing to me - living, and for a very long time, is what matters to me. I feel pretty good for having been through 7 chemo cycles - other than being super exhausted and losing my breath very quickly - probably because of the anemia. I received a shot for the anemia - but I can't remember what it was called and so far I still feel out of breath so I'm not sure when it's supposed to kick in or how it's supposed to help. I'll need to ask about that - it's so unlike me to not know ahead of time but I trust my doctors and nurses so I'm not concerned, more curious and wondering what I should be watching for (if anything) for side effects, benefits, etc. I realized today that I still have the eye twitch - have had it for a while now but I guess I just got used to it when it decided to stick around for a while. My salivary glands are still swollen, but not painful. My entire body is sore from head to toe - feels like I've been working out, even though I haven't been. My skin is really dry flaky so I have to be careful and keep my hands moisturized - mainly my left hand - to avoid cracking which could lead to infection, which could lead to lymphedema -- something I'll always have to pay attention to (forever). My left arm and hand quickly falls asleep and goes numb if I am laying on it even in the slightest bit while sleeping, so I have to really try to stay on my right side - again, due to having so many lymph nodes removed. Sleeping has improved, even though the hot flashes continue - they're not waking me up quite as much as they did before - or perhaps they are and I'm able to get back to sleep right away. So there it is...cycle #7 :). Thank you, God, for the liquid gold cure juice! Thank you, God, for giving me the strength and spirit needed to receive this treatment successfully and to tolerate the side effects so well. Thank you, God, for the most amazing family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, nurses, doctors, and all those you've placed into my life to help me get through this and for those whom I am supposed to help. I am so grateful to Him for all He has given me. Love, Julie

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