Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gifts of all kinds

First, I want to say how wonderfully lucky and blessed I am to have such amazing friends and neighbors who have helped me and Cooper to celebrate Christmas in Bob's absence. Because of Bob's job as an airline pilot, he is almost always is away for the major holidays and he was away from the 24th until last night. We missed him and wished he were here with us but we had the best time possible with friends and neighbors who included us in their celebrations. We joined several neighbors at our neighbor Susan's house for Christmas eve and it was fantastic. Super great food (you're a great cook, Allen!), amazing company (we love you Cindy, Dan, Greg, Denise, Clare and John and all the kids!), and it was fun seeing all the bigger kids play with Cooper. Thank you, Susan and Allen, for including us - you are wonderful hosts and friends and we love you! On Christmas day, Cooper and I headed out to join our dear friend Kristy's house where we were welcomed by her awesome family and we had a super time getting to know members of her family that we had not yet met, and watching Cooper and Addison Shea (who is just 3 days younger than Cooper) get cozy. I can't wait to see the pictures Kristy took of Cooper and Addie kissing at the end of the party - it was hilarious! Kristy & family - thank you so much for including us in your family Christmas celebration. You are an amazing friend and I love you so much! Although we were apart from our own family on these special days - with Bob being away and my family being 3000 miles away in Connecticut - we enjoyed the gift of amazing friendship, love, and generosity from the most beautiful friends a person could hope for. Besides those we saw in person, we received phone calls, emails, instant messages from many many others wishing us a blessed Christmas and checking in to make sure we were ok since Bob was away. Christmas is over for most people now, but for us it continues now that Bob is finally home. We didn't open any of the gifts that we bought for Cooper or which have been sent to us by others - they are all still unopened under the tree. We are planning to have our family Christmas celebration tonight now that we're back together as a family. It'll be a beautiful and memorable evening here at the Olsen house. We have received gifts of all kinds this holiday season. Friendship, support, love, generous and thoughtful gifts under the tree awaiting their disclosure. The most important gift of all though - the gift of life - which we cherish the most. Bob is home safely, I am alive and doing well with treatment, Cooper is happy and healthy. I praise God for these miracles that surround us every day. Thank you, God, for these gifts.


  1. One of the best emotions at Christmas is surely gratitude, in realizing all that you have been given and that through which you have come... both true blessings! God bless you and yours, Julie! It always does my heart good to read your blog entries. You're the best! :)

  2. Very glad you had such amazing support while Bob was away. Have a fantastic late Christmas tonight!

  3. I am so happy that you have the love and support right there in your neighborhood!!! You are surrounded by love from near and afar!