Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One week post-chemo, Christmas preparations in full swing

Thankfully, I am feeling a bit better each day. I am still out of breath quite a bit but it seems like each day it's a teensy bit less so. That is a relief because a couple days ago I was rethinking my decision about having a blood transfusion and yesterday I made some calls to find out what it would take to arrange for a private blood donation from a very generous friend who is O- (universal donor blood type). If each day continues to be a bit better then I will wait and have my numbers tested next week to see where I'm at before proceeding with a transfusion. If my red blood cell and hemoglobin counts are still extremely low next week then we will proceed with a transfusion so that I'll feel better and be more ready, stronger, in time for surgery mid-January. I've been very busy with work, getting ready for Christmas, and looking ahead to the next chapter of treatment (even had my first radiation oncology consultation yesterday - more on that later). I've baked more (cookies, brownies, banana bread, muffins) these past two weeks than I had probably in all my previous years combined. Doing so is not strenuous, allows me to sit and rest while they bake, and makes me feel productive and festive. Besides baking, I've finished wrapping the gifts, distributed baked goods to our beloved neighbors and friends, and even hosted a little get together "gold party" this week during which my friends and I made some great spending money by selling our unwanted jewelry to a rep from a local gold refinery - it was a lot of fun. Bob was home and helped do a lot of the legwork so that I wouldn't do more than I could/should handle. Esperanza was super helpful too, helping to clean up and do laundry while Cooper napped. We're so lucky to have her. Last night I had a few of the neighborhood teenage girls over for dinner (had lots of leftovers from the party) and to decorate the sugar cookies I baked. It was great fun decorating the cookies and watching Cooper have an absolute blast being silly with the girls. I'm excited to officially be on holiday break as of tonight and am looking forward to the fun Christmas eve, and Christmas day festivities we have planned. Staying busy helps me focus on the positive, staying rested while being so busy is challenging but important so I do my best to be both busy and rested. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Well, Christmas eve day is upon us now. I hope everyone is ready - or at least accepting of (and not concerned about) not being ready. :) I wish you all the most wonderful, safe, peaceful and love-filled Christmas. Cherish each moment and hold your loved ones close. God bless you! Merry Christmas! Love, Julie

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