Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good news - no infection! :)

I had a follow-up visit with the ENT (Dr.V) today. They tested my hearing to see if I'm experiencing chemo-induced hearing loss (which would be irreversible!), and thankfully I am NOT - hearing is good. :) Next, doc examined my ears, nose and throat again and found no new signs of infection. He said the lack of new/progressive symptoms, combined with the fact that the decongestant is helping cut down on the whooshing/waves sound I'm hearing points to this being what I had hoped for out of the three possibilities -- chemo thickens mucus and my salivary glands are swollen from the mucus, causing a backup of it into the eustachian tube/canal. As long as we can manage it with decongestants and fluids (staying hydrated should help thin out the mucus), I should be able to avoid it turning into an infection. That's a relief! :) On another happy note, Cooper finally received his H1N1 vaccine this morning so he'll be protected from that craziness within 2 weeks of receiving it. It's nice to know we both finally have some protection from that hot mess.


  1. Good stuff! Hope you are feeling well! Almost done!!!

  2. So glad there is no infection. Thank the Lord!

  3. Great news! That is super you both received the H1N1 vaccine. My baby is being skin tested Friday (she is allergic to eggs) and may receive it then.