Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wow and woot!

I'm at the cancer center. I'm hooked up and receiving my final dose of chemo (aka God given liquid gold cure juice)! I'm so grateful. So blessed. So happy. Tears keep streaming. God is great.

I'm very anemic. 8.3. But doc is letting me decline a blood transfusion since this is my final dose and I have a good amount of time before surgery and radiation in case my numbers remain low and we need to get transfused or have any other interventions. I am getting a shot to aid in raising my rbc count but its effect is limited usually. I have faith that it will all work out.

Did I mention that I'm immensely grateful and blessed?

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  1. Yay! :o)

    I love you, Julie! *hugs*

  2. Congrats, last chemo!! And you still call it liquid gold... good for you, that optimism goes a long way. I'm curious why you don't want the blood transfusion - I didn't get one either, but my energy was sure low and my heart would beat like crazy when my red blood counts were low. I've heard the transfusion makes you feel like a new person.Anyways, way to go, and happy holidays!!

  3. Seriousily, my mom will cook you liver and onion!

  4. Hey, Julie. My sister just got the five year all clear bill of health and she is officially considered cancer free. YOU ARE NEXT!! You're an inspiration.


  5. Sharing in your happiness today :)

  6. That's awesome, Julie! I should have scheduled my stay for this past weekend. I could have helped you more. LOVE YOU! Gilly :)

  7. WOW- just WOW.

    YOU are amazing. So glad this is behind you, keep moving forward.

    Love and Hugs

  8. Julie,
    We are so happy to see you keep moving forward. You are blessed in so many ways! Thank you God!!!

  9. Yes! I am so happy for you! What's the next step in these final kicks to cancer's ass? Sending love and hugs to you and Cooper!

  10. Doing the chemo has ended dance right now! Shaking my booty for you!!! So glad this chapter is behind you! I hope you are recovering well and feeling stronger every day!

    Your wonderful and positive attitude is a model for cancer patients everywhere!!!

    Feel well!

  11. So very happy for you...what is next? Remain strong, God is great!
    Your sister - Sharla