Friday, December 11, 2009

The wait and the worry

This morning I had the ultrasound. Praise God the technician showed compassion and told me that things look normal (normal for menopausal status, that is) in the southern region. I'm sitting in the exam room waiting for Dr.N to come in and confirm that conclusion.

I remember the days of pregnancy ultrasounds. I got them every two weeks because of my high risk status with the incompetent cervix. Every visit brought fear and worry that I'd have to be admitted and/or the baby would be coming too soon. I trusted God to protect that precious baby and He did. I'm trusting Him now to protect me so I can be here for Cooper for many many years to come.
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  1. You are totally fine... I am confident of that! You've been doing everything right! and when Cooper gets married you're going to be the famous "MOTHER IN LAW!" you girly!