Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A close call - listen to those voices!

Just before heading out to the pharmacy I heard a voice warning. I know, some of you will think I'm crazy and that's fine. But the voice said simply "sulfa!". I stopped, picked up the phone and called my doc's office and asked the receptionist to check with the nurse to find out if the antibiotic they called in for me was sulfa-based. It was. I'm allergic. I reminded them and they called in a new one for me. Thankfully, I use CVS and my allergy is documented in my pharmacy record there and they would have seen a red flag (supposedly) - however, it might not have been addressed until I arrived and by that time the doctor's office would have been closed and another day would go by with my infection worsening. So...thank you, voice, for warning me. That was a close call. I'm SEVERELY allergic to sulfa meds. I found out the hard way 10 years ago and it was a brutal experience that I'm glad to have avoided tonight.


  1. Julie -

    I'd like to think CVS would have found it, but you would not believe how these things slip through multiple checks. Good thing you were on your toes!

  2. UTI be gone!! I am so thankful that you do not need the blood transfusion-HURRAY!!!!! great news.
    Praying for you on the 10th for a wonderful rededication to the Lord :) How wonderful that your family will be there too.

  3. Although I don't know you personnally (just through work), I am constantly amazed and thrilled to hear how positive and upbeat you are. You are a strong warrior and I'm glad that you're fighting and (seemingly) winning! Keep it up!