Sunday, January 3, 2010

January - a big month ahead!

2010 is starting with a real bang for me already with January being chock full of milestone events in this journey. Tomorrow I will have blood work done to determine if my levels are adequate to proceed with my scheduled swap-out surgery on the 14th (to replace the tissue expanders for implants). I feel MUCH better this past week - only have had a few minor incidents where I've been short of breath in spite of going on walks that I wasn't able to do for weeks because of the anemia effects. I take that as a sign that my numbers are on their way up :). But we'll find out for sure in the morning. I will also need to get an EKG and an exam and have Dr. B provide pre-op sign-off - all within the next couple of days. My awesome mom, Janet, is flying in from Connecticut on Friday to spend a month with us. Besides the obvious bonus of having my mommy here for the same moral support she provided when I had my major surgery in June, but she'll be helping me out with Cooper at night when Bob is away since I won't be able to lift Cooper into/out of his crib or anywhere for that matter for 2+ weeks. I'm excited for her to be here. On the 10th, I am rededicating myself to God at my church, and we are dedicating Cooper as well. I was baptized as a baby but I want to rededicate my life to Him now as an adult. Bob, me, Cooper, my mom, my sister- and brother-in-law, and my mother-in-law will be joining us for the dedication. I'm really looking forward to this important event and I know it will help me ensure I stay focused throughout the year on God's will and purpose for me. Surgery is on the 14th and then two weeks later, if the swelling is gone enough, I'll have my radiation simulation appointment the last week of January to finish out the month of January. The first week of February brings the next and final big chapter of my treatment - I will begin my 7 weeks of daily radiation treatments from Monday through Friday each week. I start back to work this week following the holiday break with increased hours so I'll be working half-time through the rest of my treatment. Getting closer and closer to my "new normal" :). Oh, and my hair is growing back! I look like a chia-pet haha. I'll post some pics later. I'm working on a slide show of pics of me during this journey and hope to have it up soon. It will be a great month, and I know it will be a great year too. Bring it on, 2010! Thank you, so very much, for your love, support and kindness toward me and my family through 2009 and going forward. The encouragement and hope you offer me every day is priceless and I consider myself incredibly blessed to have you in my life.


  1. Julie, I get a lump in my throat when I listen to you "talk." My heart just swells with joy and admiration for you--that you are doing so well and seem so happy during such a tough time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, thoughts, and life with us.

    I am so happy your mom is coming to help you out!

    Sending prayers for continued healing! Alisha

  2. praying for the numbers you need to proceed!
    you deserve a wonderful & fresh 2010!!

  3. JUlie -

    THinking of you and praying for you for the future and especially your upcoming surgery.

  4. I just wanted to say - I think rededicating yourself to God on your BIRTHDAY is great! :) Truely a "fresh" start to a new year ;). Love you and I am so proud just to know you - for the strength and determination and POSTIVITY you have shown throughout this entire ordeal.

    Mommy Janet - you rock for being able to come out for a MONTH!!! :)

    Nikky (your comment thingy is being grouchy at me and not letting me sign in...)

  5. Julie,
    It sounds like a big month ahead, indeed, for you and yours! I'm so happy to know that you are rededicating yourself to God and that Cooper will also be dedicated. Is this like a baptism but as an adult? I remember when we first started communicating back and forth and you mentioned that you hadn't been to church in very long time when I mentioned something about church and Jesus. :) Again, I'm so glad for you that your mom is coming, too! Things are "looking up," literally and figuratively, and that's a great reassurance all the way around. Keep holding on to the faith. No matter what comes our way and no matter who is, or for that matter, who isn't there with us/for us, God IS always there. It is an amazing daily gift that is there if only we call upon Him. I'm filled with happiness for you. I'm so proud of you. I'm so filled with hope for you, Julie. :)
    Amy Beth

  6. 2010-here you come!!!! it's going to be your year girl.

  7. Happy and Healthy 2010! The swap surgery isn't as bad as the initial surgery! I hope you have some fun while your mom is visiting!

    I hope your rededication ceremony is wonderful and that you continue to be inspired and strengthened through your faith!

    Feel well!