Sunday, January 3, 2010

Olsen family Christmas and New Years Update

We had a wonderful family Christmas celebration once the three of us were finally all together. Cooper had a blast with his fun new toys. His favorite of all so far is the new play guitar which he won't put down. I posted pics on Cooper's blog if you'd like to see. For New Year's eve we had a wonderful dinner out with several of our neighborhood friends at the local Buca di Beppos (yum!). After dinner we came home and put Cooper to bed and then I headed down the block to have a glass of organic wine with a few of my neighbor friends and then came home to cuddle on the couch and watch the ball drop with Bob. Last night was enjoyed attending some friends' annual New Year open house which is always so much fun. Cooper was amazed by their fabulous intricate train village under their Christmas tree. He also played with the other kids non stop for over two hours. He completely conked out in the car on the way home and when we took him up to bed he didn't even wake up while I changed his diaper and put his PJs on. ;) Thank you, Tony and Kathleen, for including us again this year - it was great fun and we love you both. 2009 was filled with a great many blessings and challenges. I've learned and grown so much in such a short time frame, thanks to God's will and guidance. I am excited about 2010. I just know it will bring more beautiful blessings into our life and allow us to continue to learn from apply our learnings in ways to help ourselves and others who face similar challenges that we were fortunate to overcome in 2009. May we all find 2010 filled with great health, peace, happiness, and prosperity! Love, Julie


  1. Love you Julie. So glad Cooper had such a nice time watching the train and playing til he dropped. LOL Can't wait to get my hands on him Friday! And can't wait to give you a hug too! Love, Mom

  2. I second those great wishes for 2010!