Monday, January 4, 2010

So far, so good!

My AM appointment with the oncologist went well despite a long wait to be seen (very busy post-holidays)...I gave out a gift then closed my eyes and quietly prayed and gave thanks for another day while I waited for the doctor.

My port was stubborn...didn't want to give away my blood LOL so it took a few tries but that's ok because they only stick the needle once with a port and I just try different positions and deep breaths to try to get the blood to flow. The numbing cream always ensures I don't feel that needle going in that stuff!

So the hemoglobin is up to 10.1 which is great and explains why I'm not short of breath so often now...I suspected that based on feeling better this past week. How wonderful that I was able to avoid a blood transfusion...prayers answered!

My white blood cell count is on the low end of normal but normal range nonetheless. Yay!

My platelets are back to normal too which I also suspected because late last week I accidentally hit my forehead with the car door while getting Cooper out of the car and was expecting a big bruise (I hit it pretty hard) but no bruise appeared. :)

Dr.B cleared me for surgery and now I just need to have an EKG today after I'm done here at the plastic surgeon's (Dr.C) office for my pre-op exam and review of blood work results. I'm in an exam room waiting for Dr.McHotty. Its cold in here, no thanks to the highly fashionable (NOT) gown I'm sporting.

So, its a great day. Its overcast and cool outside but in my world the sun is shining bright and gratitude overfloweth. We are moving right along! :)
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  1. Yea for numbers going up!! Glad to hear things checked out well.