Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cycle 1, Day 1, rest of the day

After the treatment was over, I came home and started working on getting my protein for the day so that I would meet/exceed my new daily requirement. Had a great, healthy lunch of chicken breast, a side of home made four bean salad, and a side of broccoli (100% organic). After lunch, mom and I headed out to find a local organic market, Lassens, that I first learned about from my fantabulous friend, Kristy, who has a Lassens in her area and then I got online and found out they have one near me too! I stocked up on more organic staples and ingredients that will help ensure I can feel "normal" and prepare a variety of meals and snacks as needed/desired. This organic diet is super expensive and it's forcing me to get a move on with cleaning out Cooper's closet of clothes and equipment he has outgrown - they'll be on craigslist and ebay very soon LOL. Don't worry, Denise, you'll get first dibs before anything goes online :). After shopping I joined my awesome friend and neighbor, Clare, for a swift 30 minute evening walk with Cooper. It's been too hot (upper 90's/low 100's) to do outdoor walks during the day so we either go first thing in the morning or later in the evening (and I'm just not a morning person right now, so there ya go!). It felt great to be moving again and to get caught up. The fresh air was great for Cooper and he feel asleep and was easy to get him to bed afterward too, thankfully. Next, I got to work following Dr.Hardy's advice on preemptive side effect avoidance techniques - mainly to prevent dry mouth and mouth sores by dissolving Glutamine in water, swishing and gargling and swallowing it (2-3x/day), plus making myself a cup of Throat Coat tea with honey. Not the greatest tasting stuff but the slimy nature of it is what I need since chemo targets fast growing and duplicating cells - including healthy ones that line and protect our mouth from infection. I have special moisture drops, toothpaste and gum that I will use as well. Tomorrow we'll move a humidifier to my nightstand since it gets very dry in our bedroom. Besides the preemptive work to protect my mouth, I also began my at-home anti-nausea medication. There are three of them - three of which are required during the first three days, one is optional. Plus a steroid that I have to take for days 1-3. I can't help but laugh when I hear that days 3-7 are usually the toughest - after all, they load you up on all the good meds days 1-3 and then you stop them and voila! Well, I'm hoping to avoid the voila part of that equation with all my extra holistic steps. Intending for the best outcome, but prepared for setbacks too - warrior style, of course. I'm taking Vicodin for the port incision pain, and Ativan as needed for agitation or for sleep. The incision pain should subside by the end of the week. I'm not very agitated, yet - but I suppose that if I start having some gnarly side effects (or if that steroid keeps me up) I could become so, thus it's nice to have this stuff handy. I have to add these medications and remedies to my checklist asap so I don't forget any of them. Meantime, Michelle gave me a great list typed out with instructions. Michelle is so sweet and reminded me that if I have any questions or concerns I can call her at work or at home since she's just a few houses down the block. I love you, Michelle! OK - time to test out that melatonin since I could type and surf for many more hours the way my mind is working right now and that would not be good. Tomorrow I head back to the local UCLA infusion center for my Nuelasta shot, and then we're really going to attack the closets and get things organized for sale on craigs list, ebay, and a yard sale. I need more order (and money) in my life to support my cleaner, organic, and stress-free lifestyle. I have lots of plans for this week: meditation class, attend a UCLA BC support group, check out a new church locally, and enlist my folks' help to get organized to sell baby clothes and gear -- and I am determined to not let any chemo-related issues interfere with any of it. I am going to feel great, no matter what, because my liquid gold (chemo) is doing what God intends for it to do - make me well again. So that's that! :)


  1. Wow - thought work was busy : ). I am glad to see that you are using your amazing management and organizational skills to work for your health. You are incredible - you are so focused and positive and forward orientated.

    And you are so missed - by me and many others. People ask me all the time how you are doing. Know that you are thought of, loved and prayed for.

    Keep the spirit Julie - you are doing all you can and succeeding.

  2. You are one of the most strong, steadfast beautiful, powerful and wonderful women I know. Cancer's got nothing on you. That bitch is going down. Love you.

  3. Ok..3 things
    !. Michelle lives up the street not down (my pet peeve!) HaHa!
    2 We have a great humidifier you can borrow as long as you like.
    3 You have one kick-butt atttitude and that makes me inspired to get off this sick train. It just takes time. You've got a great support team all around, and medicines and tricks I sure wish i had when I was in the thick of it.
    4. A good Church is a great idea. I believe The Bible states whatever you give, you get back tenfold. Give Lots of Love, Trust and Prayer. You'll be fine. Love Greg and the Girls.

  4. Man, people say I'm a strong woman but I've got nothing on YOU! You rock Julie! *hugs to all*

  5. Julie- You are one busy, proactive person! I had a test done today to see if my tubes were open (they appear to be, but there are some "abnormalities" that may or may not be factors while trying to conceive. Lapro surgery is an option, but right now, Steven and I agree we aren't going the surgery route now). In any case, I digress--while in the xray room speaking with the dr, I thought, hmmm, how would Julie handle this bc I didn't feel like the dr was giving me much info at all at first. You make a positive difference by example and this takes one authentic person! Just wanted to share this with you. Are you looking for a particular denomination of church/church with particular beliefs? I wish my church was closer (supportive, caring people; life applicable, Bible based messages), but traveling across the country every Sunday probably would complicate things a bit! HaHa! Messages are available online (audio tapings) if you're interested. The latest series was "Faithbook" and was an analogy for--you guessed it!--Facebook. If you'd like the site, let me know. Hope day 2 went well for you!