Monday, July 13, 2009

Port-abled, surrounded by seeds & nuts

The port is in. UCLA was definitely the place to get it done. What a night-and-day difference there is between hospitals! I knew things would be MUCH better there since that's where I had my bilateral mastectomy last month and thankfully the port placement procedure process was similarly performed in terms of professionalism and compassion.
I'm very sore but that's normal. I guess I realize now that it would have been beneficial to have had this done further in advance of starting chemo because the idea of having the bandage peeled off of the area in the morning is making me cringe. Thankfully, whatever pain/discomfort it causes me tomorrow will only occur once since next time I go in after that the port incision will be healed. But, oh gosh, am I ever dreading the moment they peel it back to unveil the port.
I came home, popped one of the vicodin they gave me on my way out and crawled into bed with a bag of organic trail mix. After shoveling the trail mix down my throat (after all, it had been 24 hours since my last true meal), I promptly drifted off to sleep. I woke up, three hours later, surrounded by seeds and nuts (and, no, I'm not referring to Bob haha), in the bed, etc. It was pretty funny but when I laughed it hurt so I stopped laughing heehee.
Had a couple of hard boiled (organic, of course) eggs for dinner - need the protein and need to resume the eating in a gradual fashion as a precaution due to the sedation I had for the procedure, took my supplements, and crawled back into bed with the laptop and my honey. It's nice having Bob home so he can be on Cooper night time duty since I can't lift Cooper again for a few days. I even managed to get the good doc to agree that diaper changes are off limits for a few days "to avoid that risk for infection"...."and of course since that involves lifting him". haha - love my docs!! :)
Up next, first round of chemo (Taxotere + Cytoxan) - tomorrow morning, 10:00 am PT.
Oh yeah - my dear friend and neighbor, Greg, is having shoulder surgery in the morning (Tuesday) - please say a prayer for him for a successful surgery. He's been through A LOT this past year and a half - he and his beautiful family really deserve a break.
PS - Cancer - you're screwed - prepare to be vaporized - I'm opening up a can of whoopass! My new friend, Jane, even got me a shirt to announce it :) Thanks, Jane!


  1. Sounds like everything went well. I'm praying for you this morning as you start chemo.

  2. Julie - thinking about you especially as you start chemo. Thanks again for being so open in your blog. It may be weird but many of didn't know you well, but feel we do now. Hope that's not creepy because I think it means you have that many more people praying daily for what's going on with you at this moment. And you inspire us to be better people in so many ways. Grace and peace!!

  3. glad it went well. :) YAY for no diaper duty!

  4. Good luck with chemo tomorrow ...

  5. Hi Julie,

    Your prayers and those of your readers and friends are very powerful...Greg's arthroscopy procedure was smooth as silk today. They found more damage in the shoulder than expected, but got it all fixed up. He feels great, and is resting at home comfortably. Thanks so much for thinking of us! Love, The Browns