Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 11: Runny eyes and acne

Today was a great day. I got tons of sleep last night and this morning and then spent the day resting since the sitter was here in charge of Cooper and Bob was busy doing work around the house. Since waking up, my eyes have been running. Not crying - just constantly watery eyes to the point it drips down my face. Makes it hard to read or look at the computer - so I haven't done much of either all day/night, least not til now. For the past few days I've also been plagued with a rash of acne across my chin. I NEVER get zits - I mean, the last one I remember before this was like at the start of my pregnancy (Cooper is 13 months old now). I have like seven or eight of them right now. Ick. On the plus side, my belly/guts are feeling and behaving much better. So, it's a fair trade-off I suppose. My head is still tingling but not much hair has come out today (phew!) - let's home it stays put til at least Wednesday so I can be in control of that :). I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Maybe the acne is just your hot and sexy young hormones trying to get out! Glad to hear your tummy is feeling better.

  2. Blech! I get zits all the time unfortunately so I can commiserate with that. Glad your tummy is better and hope these side effects go away soon.

  3. Glad your tummy is feeling better - and your hair got the message that it needs to wait for the big party! ;D In fact, I'm sending "stay put till Weds" vibes to your hair right now! 8)

    Carrie & Drake from IV

  4. PS: I just have to say: You hear that, Cancer! Julie doesn't take crap from anybody! :P to you!


  5. Hey Julie,

    I`m on Taxotere and get acne around my nose area and I have watery eyes too.

    Got my fingers crossed that hair hangs in there for you ...


  6. Countdown to Wednesday: two days! I love that you are surrounding the side effects of the chemo with a party, Julie! The deck is the perfect place, too! I cut my Grandmother's hair on the porch of the house we rented in Maine one family vacation where she had an excellent view of the Atlantic! Take no prisoners!