Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2 was a good day - now on to day 3

Had a great day today (as the doc said I would). Only symptoms noticed today was a mild headache I woke up with but that's not entirely unusual for me, and some bloating in the belly area most of the day which I actually attribute to my new diet of organic food and the increase in veggies & fruit and large amount of protein intake. I think I'll buy some beano or some organic version of that type of thing to see if that helps at all. I had my Neulasta shot this morning to boost my white cell count and prevent infection and they warned it could cause bone pain but some people don't get that side effect. I'm not planning to get that side effect (or many others I've heard about) - I figure, if I decide to feel good, I will. We'll see how far that philosophy takes me but for now, that's my plan - to feel great all the time :). I know some who've been down this road before may be cringing right now at my naivity but that's OK. I will gladly eat my words later on if need be. So here I am, midnight - entering day 3 - the day that most of the ickies creep up on a person on chemotherapy. I was told days 3-7 are usually the worst. Maybe I really will be the exception. I'm following all the docs' suggestions and taking all the prescribed meds for avoidance of the ickies so now we wait and see, I guess. Ah the anticipation! ;/ If the ickies hit me on day 3 I'll be among those who understand and empathize since I'll be attending my very first breast cancer support group meeting down at UCLA. Bob suggested I have a barf bag handy in the car since I'll be driving down there by myself tomorrow. I was a bit perterbed at the suggestion - like he's assuming I'll be a mess on day 3 when I'd like him to assume this warrior wife of his will be totally fine. But, he's a realist so I think I'll make sure there's a few bags in the car before I head out in the morning - just in case. ;/ I'll bring my mini-pharmacy along too - just in case. LOL Speaking of pharmaceuticals...I just took a dose of melatonin and am starting to feel its effect so time to log off. PS - we actually did tackle the garage and the closets today! holy steroids! we trashed a lot of stuff, and pulled a lot more out for a garage sale this weekend and for eBay and craigslist selling for bigger ticket items (hello, baby equipment). I'm thinking that if I feel anything different today on day 3 it'll be back pain LOL.


  1. hey, glad to hear all is going well,i will be away from the computer for 10 days on vacation, please call me if you need someone to listen or just to vent to..i will be thinking of you daily and will send you some of the oceans breeze,lol you are one of the strongest and stubborn person i know, no side affects will bother you, love ya lots missy

  2. Denise says she'll take all the clothes you've got, so don't put anything out for the yard sale. just come up with a box and a price! Hope day 3 is going well. Talk to ya soon. Greg and the girls.