Friday, June 12, 2009

2 miracles in one day

This morning I had a successful bilateral mastectomy: left side modified radical mastectomy, and right side simple/total mastectomy, followed by expander implant placement. It took less than five hours but I spent six hours in recovery because my room wasn't ready. I usually don't have much patience for things like that but something special happened in recovery and I'd have been content staying even longer, because of Nurse Nathan. While engaging Nathan in chit chat, I learned he had a recent biopsy for suspicious cells/legions in his colon. Nathan told me, matter of factly, that he does not want the results and has no plans to treat it if the results revealed malignancy. I knew what I needed to do. I channeled all the love and support I've been receiving and showed it to Nathan. Told him how important he his loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to me in my recovery today. An hour later Nathan had to move me which put me under the care of another recovery nurse. I worried a bit that he might not have liked my attempt to change his mind but he said he was sorry for the switch and that he was glad I was assigned to him. Hours later, when I was finally assigned a patient room, Nathan came to me to thank me and to tell me he changed his mind and he will fight it if it turned out malignant. He said he will never forget me. Wow. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to hear him say that.


  1. You amaze me!! Even in your lowest moments you inspire others. What a woman you are :)

  2. I second Skye's comment!

  3. Skye you took th words right out of my mouth!

    Wow Julie, You're an amazing lady! You just made SUCH a difference in that mans life. And to his family and friends.


  4. There are many horrible, difficult challenges in our lives, and so often, we are left saying "Why would something this horrible happen to me or someone I love so dearly?" I have no doubt that you were in the hospital at that moment with Nathan for a reason, Julie. It was no accident. You never know where you will be to share to make a difference, but I know Someone Else definitely does.

  5. Julie,
    God is working in you and through you!!! You are an inspiration! Stay strong!! We miss you on blakely and Copper is adorable!!

  6. I got all tingly reading this post. What an amazing woman to help someone else when he was supposed to be the one helping you. Perhaps there was a reason it took so long to get your room and you had to stay in recovery that long

  7. I am sitting her CRYING after reading this post...You , my friend , are an AMAZING person!


  8. What an amazing thing you did for that nurse. I agree, you were sent there for a reason, to help him - maybe that's part of the reason you were given this challenge. How couragous you are!

  9. oops! that last comment was from me!