Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr.Ying wants to give me a sponge bath

This morning I woke up in my hospital room to find Mr.Ying standing by my side asking if he could take my blood pressure. I told him he definitely could after I used the bathroom. He knew it would take a while for me to accomplish that so he stood outside of my room while I gathered up my drains and wrapped them in my hospital gown, got my slippers on and then carefully and slowly pulled myself out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. As I walked over there, Mr.Ying kept trying to ask me questions that he'd shout through the room door to me. I could barely understand him but later learned he was asking "Do you need help?", "Did you have breakfast?", and "Have you brushed your teeth?". He made me laugh. Once I got back in bed he said "Do you want me to give you a sponge bath?" as he stood there motioning one hand over his privates and followed up with "but you do this part." I couldn't help but laugh. I swear, my friend Diana must have sent this guy to me this morning to crack me up. LMAO. I thanked Mr.Ying for his offer and told him I'll wait on the bath til at least the next shift change haha. Mr. Ying helped me track down my morning nurse and let her know what time I should have my pain medication since last night Miss Vivian screwed me over by giving it to me late every time even though I asked for it ahead of time every 4 hours. At the suggestion of a friend who has been through a hospital stay recently, I'm going to ask the docs this AM if they can 1) put me on alternating meds b/c this one is wearing off at the 2.5-3 hour mark, and 2) put it on routine order instead of "when asked" because I shouldn't have to ask for it - I think it's obvious I'm going to be in constant pain - my tits and lymph nodes were just cut out of my body for crying out loud! For all my complaining about the pain med issue and sponge bath offer, I should be clear that I love this hospital - most of the staff are fantastic, the facility is super new and clean and nice to look at. I get room service that I order and am not subjected to whatever they want me to have and when - and all the rooms are private with a couch that pulls out for overnight guests (visitors are allowed 24 hours). The nurses stations have granite counter tops! OK, now back to complaining about the pain medication....I need more and I want it now. ;/


  1. Oh man!!! You caught me!!! I tried to get the Ying Yang twins but only Ying was available! Yang had a date washing peoples privates! :oP Oh! We called QVC last night! Fun times!!

  2. You're funny. I love your sense of humor! Even at a crappy time like this you still crack me up! Who exactly is "Mr Ying" Anyways?

  3. Julie - I'm a followed of you from Coopers blog (that little man can melt some hearts). I've always been impressed how you advocated for his care and fought for what he needed. I am so glad you treat youtself with the same regard!! Your attitude is inspiring. Not to say I am sure this battle isn't extremely difficult (understatement) but your take charga attitude is awesome. And I love the little asides to "cancer" - man, cancer didn't know who they crossed huh?!?
    Praying for a speedy recovery for you and all ths best to you and your family!!
    Liz S.
    New Jersey