Monday, June 15, 2009

Breast Cancer Warrior Theme Song Needed

OK...I need a theme song -- have any ideas? Please send your suggestions - ideally if you can provide a link to an audio or video of the song from YouTube or another similar source that allows me to hear the song that would be great. And, tell me why you think it'd make a great theme song. If I choose the song you recommend I'll send you something special (so the first person to recommend a song if multiple people suggest the same one). Thanks in advance for your ideas! Cancer - I have a posse - you don't stand a chance so just give up now biotch! Love, Julie


  1. When my Aunt was going through her lumpectomy two years ago - this song fit perfectly for her: Rascall Flatts, Stand

    Personally I think your more of a Queen We Will Rock you kinda gal...

    Or as I was thinking last night as I was falling asleep...Eye of the Tiger... Rocky had to work and to fight, and that's exactly what your doing! He was a winner, and my friend you are BY FAR the BIGGEST fighter I know ;)

  2. I think you picked the perfect theme song! I found your blogs through Liz's, I know you don't know me, but if you need anything or need some unknown face to vent to (who's also a nurse), I'll be happy to listen. My email addy is

  3. I wanted to post this earlier, but was checking your blog on my phone while pumping at work so I couldn't. I would suggest Strength Courage and Wisdom by India.Arie

    (and I can't get the link to post from youtube. Sorry! Just go to youtube and type in strength courage and wisdom and it will come up)

    I personally find all of her music inspirational. My personal theme song is by her (has been for the past 10 years or so)

  4. My vote is for Survivor, by Destiny's Child