Monday, June 15, 2009

I have the "bad" breast cancer: "Triple Negative"

The Her2 test results are in and are negative. Since my breast cancer has tested negative for receptors to estrogen, progesterone, and HER2, I'm considered "triple negative" and that's NOT a good thing. The chances of recurrance and spreading are very high and the effective treatment is limited since the hormone supressor therapies are not useful for this type of cancer. I'm still planning to maintain a positive attitude and to kick this cancer's ass, but it's definitely a blow to receive this news. We've read that this cancer is usually very responsive to chemotherapy which is good, but it's reach for treatment is limited when the disease has spread so now I worry about the fact it's spread to my lymph nodes and hope and pray to nowhere else. It's very aggressive. If you love me, don't bother googling it, it's not pretty. This just sucks. Please pray for me that the cancer did not spread beyond my lymph nodes. Even though my PET scan was clear, it only shows clusters of cells of a certain size and not small clusters that could be increasing in size. We also are waiting for the bone scan results to find out if my bones are clear or not of this craziness. Cancer, you SUCK. I hate you, fucker. Love, Julie


  1. Julie--Thought I'd check your blog again before heading to bed and just read your most recent post. I remember when we almost lost Jonathan before my cerclage and several of my friends prayed with me/us. There is something empowering about praying together. So, instead of telling you I'm praying for you, I'm going to pray right now for you. I feel moved to do this especially after reading your most recent post.

    Dear Lord, please help Julie's body to heal and to heal rapidly. We are so grateful that the cancer was found quickly; we ask that You keep her body clear of these diseased cells. We thank You for the medical knowledge and tests that allow the doctors to better know with what they are dealing and how to best treat Julie. We know in everything, You are with those in pain, whether it be physical or emotional. Please continue to encourage Julie and her family through both good and bad news. Lift their spirits and help them to seek You and the comfort and reassurance only You can give through Your Son Jesus Christ through the sacrifice of His own life. Bring them closer to You and closer to each other in this situation and always. We also praise You for Julie's personality--for her sparkle, for her stubbornness, and for her determination and drive. Even before she was formed, You knew she would need these traits; we thank You for equipping her so well. Surround her with Your love, grace, and compassion, Lord. Help her to feel Your love when she is upset, also when she is in pain; strengthen her mind, heart, and body and help her to look to You. Clear her body of all cancer, Lord, heal her. We ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

  2. I second what they said because I can't say it better.

  3. Triple negative it may be, but you are certainly not. As we used to say in college - and I have no idea to what we referred, but it was a timely cultural reference - "fuck that noise!" You are badder than the baddest and I know you can get ugly with the best of them. You WILL show this cancer the door. Praying for you as only a total heathen can, which means with great abandon, total conviction, and not a clue who I am addressing,


  4. Julie,
    Steve and Beth wrote a wonderful prayer! I laughed at the BM stories, and the "C" team does cover weekends. Julie, we miss you on Blakely!

  5. I cant think of anything "witty" to say..

    But I want to tell you, you will kick this cancers ass.
    P&PT that it has not spread. You are sooo damn strong & brave. Cooper is soo lucky to have such a kick ass mom as you.
    Years from now, you will be telling him stories of all this things you have been through. You have been through hell & back this past year & 9 months...You have survived that & you will survive this. :)
    I was @ the store the other day & saw a t-shirt that said something about "Knocking Cancer out" & it had a set of boxing gloves. I thought about you...You WILL knock it out!

    Hugs & Love...

  6. I am sorry you have gotten this news that you really did not want. I guess that means you will have to fight even harder. I have NEVER known you to back down from a fight and have a few battle scars to prove it! :) You are always in my thoughts! There are a ton of people in Finland who now know your story and are praying for you!


  7. Julie - Two steps backwards, 1.5 steps forward, just keeping marching on toward your goals and eventually you will outwalk all of these set-backs. You will be also happy to know my voddoo doll now has a new name on it, Nurse Brutis. I will take great pleasure each day reminder her of what she did wrong ... think music from the shower scene in Psycho!

    You are strong, intelligent with a wicked sense of humor. Think of it as having your personal Three Musketeers at your side fighting for you all the time!

    We will be toasting each other 10 years from now to our remissions, our families, our supportive friends and how this cancer made us stronger and better people.