Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plumbing and poor performers

I have plumbing issues. Not the kind you might think after a previous post about pain medication side effects (though we're not totally in the clear there either LOL), but rather the type where the sink is filled with icky water, the disposal won't run, and thus we can't use the dishwasher type of plumbing issue. We have a "home warranty" where we pay a fee annually and an insurance company dispatches contractors to the home for issues covered under the policy for a flat fee of $60. This issue is covered. However, I called the company on Thursday and here we are Saturday and nothing has changed. Each time I call the insurance company I'm placed on hold for between 25-60 minutes (that is NOT an exaggeration) and then when a "customer service" rep finally answers I'm told that the contractor has 48 "business hours" to respond before they'll reassign it to a new contractor but that they'll call the contractor on our behalf and get things moving. That was last night. I called again this morning at 11 am and after 37 minutes of being on hold I ask them for a new contractor's name/# since we haven't heard from the first one I'm told we have to give them until Monday night. Are you wondering whether to feel sorry for me or the gal on the other end of the phone at this point? If I were you, I'd feel sorry for her. LOL After a few choice words (thank you, miss for giving me someone to take my frustrations out on LOL), I informed her that I'd be hiring a private plumber, out of pocket, and then Monday or Tuesday morning when my husband is back we'll be firing the insurance company (canceling the policy) and replacing them with one that actually DOES what they're supposed to do. This incident reminded me of the experience we had with the first breast cancer surgeon we consulted. I did not hesitate to fire the poor performer. Recently I fired and replaced the gardener too (pre-diagnosis) for poor performance. Suddenly, I'm standing in my kitchen and I realize that I am one of those "exceptional patients" that Bernie Siegel writes about in "Love, Medicine & Miracles" (which I'm currently reading) - the type that doesn't take bad news laying down, that doesn't accept "facts" and "statistics" as applicable to me - the type that questions almost everything in search of the absolute best of everything, the type that fires physicians and other poor performers when they know they can have better. Whether it is a blown up garbage disposal, a poorly maintained yard, or a nanny that is late daily and referred to my child as a "pill" (yup, she was fired in March), there's not much that I can't control - not even cancer. So, while I will have moments, hours, maybe even a day of fear, doubt and grief (that I must be allowed to have), I'm a fighter through and through. I demand the best and I don't sit back waiting for others to do what needs to be done - I get it done. I'm kicking cancer's ass. I'm so going to beat this f*cker.


  1. I don't doubt that for a minute ... best of luck to you.

  2. You go Lady! Might I just add, I am SO glad that I'm not a customer service rep and have no chance and encountering a call from you about poor service!!! I deal with enough people bitching at my work who complain about things I don't actually have any control over and I'm NOT the customer service rep.

    Good luck with finding a plumber. I feel for ya on this one...since I've had more than my share of plumbing problems in the 3 1/3 years in this house (and they ALWAYS happen when Nick is at work!)

  3. As my vodoo doll has already had a discussion with Nurse Vivian, you need to give me the name of the plumbing company so I can add their name also. Damn, it feels so good sticking the pins in the vodoo doll with the sound effects from the shower seen of Psycho playing in my brain!

    Happy Father's Day Bob!!!

  4. Hell yeah! I loved reading this post! That is the buttkicking Julie I know and love!